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Gravity / Momentum Tutorial #2

This tutorial involves a particle system in which each particle is attracted to one another by the force of gravity.  I would try to explain the entire process to you.  But I am not sure if that is necessary.  Most of the source code is identical to the first tutorial.  Only a few things have been changed.  So I am basically just handing over the source code and hoping that you will experiment with it yourself.  Here is the code that has changed the most:

inline int DrawGLScene(GLvoid) // Here's Where We Do All The Drawing

  int loop2; 
  for (loop=0; loop<MAX_PARTICLES; loop++) // Loop Through All The Particles
    GLfloat x=particle[loop].x; // Grab Our Particle X Position
    GLfloat y=particle[loop].y; // Grab Our Particle Y Position

    for (loop2=0; loop2<MAX_PARTICLES; loop2++) // Loop Through All The Particles 
      if (loop2 != loop)
        GLfloat x2=particle[loop2].x; // Grab Our Particle X Position
        GLfloat y2=particle[loop2].y; // Grab Our Particle Y Position
        Hypoten = Hypot(x-x2,y-y2);
        if (x < x2)
          angle = -acos(-(y-y2)/-Hypoten);
          angle = acos((y-y2)/Hypoten);

        dist = ABS(Reciprocal(Hypoten))/50;

        particle[loop].r = dist*25; // Make particle brighter and yellower
        particle[loop].g = dist*25; // Make particle brighter and yellower 
        particle[loop].xi -= sin(angle)*(dist);//slowdown; 
        particle[loop].yi -= cos(angle)*(dist);//slowdown; 

    particle[loop].r -= .1f;
    particle[loop].g -= .1f;
    particle[loop].b -= .1f;
    if (particle[loop].r < default_r) particle[loop].r = default_r;
    if (particle[loop].g < default_g) particle[loop].g = default_g;
    if (particle[loop].b < default_b) particle[loop].b = default_b;
    // Set Color according to our defined rgb values specific to each particle

    glVertex2f(x,y); // Draw pixel 

    particle[loop].xi-=x/slowdown/2; // Necessary to keep particles close 
    particle[loop].yi-=y/slowdown/2; // Necessary to keep particles close
    particle[loop].x+=particle[loop].xi/slowdown; // Move On The X Axis By X Speed
    particle[loop].y+=particle[loop].yi/slowdown; // Move On The Y Axis By Y Speed

  return TRUE; // Keep Going

I do not claim that this is the best way to simulate gravity among particles.  But I do think it is a cool effect.  And I hope that you are as satisfied with it as I am.

click here to download the tutorial